A Girl in Traditional Armenian Dress, A Doll in Traditional Armenian Dress.
Taken in the Isahakyan garden, on the Rafael Israelyan bench.
Photographed by Ida Kar.

Ida Kar was born Ida Karamian to Armenian parents in Tambov, Russia. Kar was influenced by the Paris avant-garde whilst studying there in 1928 and subsequently established her photographic practice ‘Idabel’ in Cairo with her first husband in 1933. She moved to London in 1945 with her second husband, the artist and critic Victor Musgrave. With the opening of Musgrave’s Gallery One in D’Arblay Street, Soho, Kar photographed and exhibited Forty Artists from Paris and London (1954), however the height of Kar’s success was her well-received Whitechapel Gallery one-person show in 1960.

More of Ida Kar’s photography at The National Portrait Gallery.

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